History Of The Company

Homestead Crossing Inc. is a family-owned company located in the small town of Willow Springs, MO, and offers a wide range of properties for sale. From Missouri, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Minnesota all the way to Canada. We specialize in owner-financed land with low down payments and focus on friendly service. “Like doing business with a friend” has been our motto and mission for more than ten years. Over that time, we are honored to say our clients have become our friends, and our employees have become our family.

Financing And Interest Details

  • 9.75% on land
  • Your monthly payment never changes.
  • A projected amortization schedule will be provided with your contract.
  • Pay no monthly payment for the first 30 days.
  • To request a payoff balance, call us at 417-469-4100 or email at

How Do You Join The Family?

  • Give us a call at 417-469-4100 to set up your account. You may also visit the office in Willow Springs, MO, to set up your account.
  • Pay the down payment for the property you would like to purchase.
  • Fill out a W-9 and provide a copy of your photo id before you sign the purchase contract.
  • Obtain insurance on your new investment.
    Vacant land requires liability insurance, while land that has structures will require insurance that covers them as well.

Payment Options

Cashier’s Check, Or Money Order (these can be mailed in.)

Bank Account Information (NO Fee)

Debit Card ($5.32 Fee)

Credit Card (3.23% Fee)

*Due to the cost of inflation our credit card processor will begin charging their updated fees starting May 20th.*
** See additional terms and contract for more information. **


Additional Resources

DNR Website:

Water Storage Tank Filling Stations:

Mtn. View, MO: Corner of W 3rd Street and Oak Street Mountain View, MO 65548 (Station is right beside the Elementary parking lot).

Houston, MO: 108 S Grand Ave, Houston, MO 65483

Off-Grid Insurance Provider:

Robert Hollis Shelter Insurance 417-469-2881

Solar Power:

Missouri Wind and Solar:

Cabin Movers:

The Shed Sled (417)247-0906

Elliot’s Towing (417) 924-4919

Building Supplies:

Bill Hayes Building Supplies: (417-469-3416)

Lucky Lumber (417) 935-4201

Byler Building Supply (417) 935-4522

Interested in selling your property? We buy properties as well. Give us a call at 417-469-4100 or feel free to email us at